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                         Support group established 1993                  Don't ruin your Liver Look after it !
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  Calling all Volunteers  Aquarius has been awarded cabinet office funding to develop a 12 month end of life care service for people with alcoholic liver disease. The service will work across Birmingham and Solihull, and will provide advice, support and befriending services for people with alcoholic liver disease and their families, through a team of well trained and supervised volunteers. If this is a role that you think you could fulfil, please contact
 Kate McLeod on 07545 930 064     (Inserted 17-3-2015)

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 Support Group have won a special recognition award for commitment to hospital and patients (See Awards)
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The main objective of the group and this website is to offer help and support to patients suffering from liver disease where the diagnosis may result in the patient having a liver transplant. It is intended primarily for the patients of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, but other liver patients or their carers not associated with the hospital may find information that will be of interest to them. Certain sections of this website will be designated mainly for the use of the Queen Elizabeth patients only.
The group itself is run on a voluntary basis and all of our members have either had transplants themselves or have been carers for transplanted patients. We are a registered charity and any money that is raised or donated is used entirely for the benefit of the liver patients at the hospital.
As the number of transplants carried out each year is increasing, and more transplants could be done if there were more donors available on the register, if you are not currently on the organ donor register yourself, then please give it some thought about adding your name to the list, it will be the greatest legacy you will leave behind, people are dying every day purely due to the lack of available organs.
To register please see "ORGAN DONORS" on the main menu list.
As of July 2007 the Q.E. has carried out over 3490 transplants, and the need to continue and increase membership with the support group is even more important. By increasing our members this will help generate income and provide fund raising ideas which are a much needed role of the group
New members are always welcome, if you are interested please see main menu
PLEASE NOTE: Some of the items and services displayed in this website are purely for the benefit and help of liver patients and are NOT recomended or endorsed by the support group, they are intended as a guideline only (E&OEomitted) If there are any other items of information that you would like to see on the website, drop us a line and we will see if it can be included.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Liver Support Group relies entirely on donations to keep this vital service going, all  donations are used 100% for the benefit of the patients during their stay in hospital. Any donations are greatly appreciated, if you would like to make a donation we have included a paypal account for your convenience, please click on link below: Thank You.

The Liver Support Group is run in association with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Liver Unit and has the full backing and support of both the Medical Staff and Co Ordinators.


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         Climbing Snowdon September 2013                    Two of our members that won medals at
   In association with Aquarious Wolverhampton©      the 2009 Transplant Games at Coventry ©
         These are just 2 examples of what you can do after a transplant. Enjoy life to the full!
                         John & Maureen won medals again in 2010 another great achievement
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